How to Find Affordable Last-Minute Movers?

By | May 15, 2019

When it comes to last-minute moving, proper planning is vital. And, most importantly, you yourself might not be enough to do it! In order to be safe, do hire a reliable same-day mover.

Tips to prepare for a last-minute move:

Know your items well

In order to make your last-minute move simple, consider those items that will be of some use. Move only these items with you. Leave the rest! Remember that moving unnecessary items can cost you money.

Make sure to sort out your items. Try to create a moving inventory of the items you want to move. Try to count the number of items that are up for relocation! Ask for price estimates and emergency moving services at the same time.

Go through your items with a cool mind! Do not panic. Try to be objective. Prepare a list of the items you need. Try to cut down the moving costs by reducing the number of items!


In order to get rid of unnecessary items, you can post a message on Craigslist freeboard or Facebook. You can go for any other such famous social site. Try to give away things for free. Make sure to describe the items and your location as well.

You can consider calling your friends and asking them to come over. You can even give off your unwanted items to a local charity or thrift store. Also, you can contact a pick-up company that will take your things. They usually donate or recycle the unwanted items they gather.

Take photos of your items

If you get time, try to take photos of all the items that are to be moved. This can help you be cautious. After all, you might not really get time to prepare a detailed inventory. So, you will have to go for quick pictures. Good pictures can help you remember the state of every item before the move. This can help you in case any of your items get damaged in the transit.

Get genuine last-minute movers

Make sure to contact well-reputed last-minute movers. Only a reliable moving company can transport your items to your new place in the most efficient manner. Your movers will be detail-oriented. They will efficiently prepare your items for moving. With a strong moving strategy, they will make a successful trip to your final destination, even under unforeseen circumstances. Thus, with the support of a good same-day mover, you are bound to enjoy a great move.

How to find reliable last-minute movers?

Genuine last-minute moving companies have all the required equipment and resources to turn your emergency move into a success! They will make sure to provide the utmost care and protection to your items. It is their responsibility to load them onto the moving truck, transport your items, and unload your items at the new place. They make sure to do it all in a timely manner. However, not every mover will be so efficient. You cannot expect it to be the same in every case. Still, you should take some solid steps to ensure a great last-minute move. You must apply the right tricks and tips to choose the right last-minute mover.

Search well

Though you will have a little time, make sure to search well. Be mindful at the time of searching. Go for a good last-minute mover who can offer you with the right set of emergency moving services. Keep in mind that many good moving companies will be booked weeks in advance. So, some companies might not really have enough number of vehicles available to fulfill your last minute moving needs. In that case, you can fill out an online moving quote form. You will then be contacted by multiple movers within a few minutes! Your luck matters here, though!

Research well

There is a difference between searching and researching! Note that! You might come across several emergency movers who will promise you that they will meet all of your needs. However, some of these promises might be fake. Of course, you will not really have a lot of time to do thorough research. Still, you can find some important information about the companies in a short time period. In the end, you might need to take a leap of faith though!

Look into their USDOT numbers

In order to find whether the mover is legitimate, you must make sure that the mover is properly licensed. The company should be authorized to transport household items across the country.

Look into the companies’ ratings

In order to check the ratings of the emergency mover, you can check with the BBB. This way you can find out if they belong to reputed moving organizations or not. Go for an emergency mover that does belong to a good moving organization.

Go through moving reviews

Many reviews are provided by previous customers of emergency companies. The Internet has made things simple today. You can find many genuine reviews online. However, some might be fake. So, try to go for reliable websites in order to gather the right info. Every company will likely have positive and negative reviews. However, on average, positive reviews should be greater in number.

Contact the FMCSA’s safety violation and consumer complaints hotline

Further, you can call the FMCSA’s safety violation and consumer complaints hotline. Then, you can ask about complaints against the movers. You can also research the database of reputable consumer protection sites. This will give you a deep insight into the complaint histories of the companies that are you are considering.

You must look for legitimacy and transparency, above all. Keep in mind that there are plenty of rogue movers in the market. Stay away from these ones!

Go ahead only when you are sure of the license! Your moving company will provide you with all the possible info within a short amount of time. They will also promptly answer all of your queries.
Try to find a moving company that offers high-quality services at an affordable price.

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